The Qualities of Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Scandinavian Design is known for its pared-back simplicity, utility and design. With minimal pieces, warm tones and a welcoming energy, there is no wonder this interior design aesthetic has been embraced worldwide.

Elements that are essential in any Scandi inspired space include;

  • The use of timber, from floor to ceiling, furniture and accessories.
  • Warm, muted and earthy tones are ideal with whites, cool greys and soft blues the key colours of the trend.
  • Each piece has a function and a purpose. While the fixtures and furnishings look beautiful, they are also chosen to play a crucial role in the living space.
  • Timeless pieces, iconic names. Homes decked out in the Scandi style often features furniture from period designers such as Hans Wegner, Alvar Aalto, and Arne Jacobsen.
  • When it comes to accessories, keep it minimal and keep it on trend. When you feel you have finished styling the room, stand back and ask yourself what needs to be removed – remember beauty paired with utility is the important combination.

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